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The Arizona Republic is a daily newspaper published in Arizona, USA. It is the largest newspaper in the state and is part of the Gannett newspaper chain. You can purchase a copy for $2 daily, $3 on Sundays, and $5 on Thanksgiving. It is an excellent source of local news and information. The newspaper has a circulation of over 200,000.

The Arizona Republic has been in print since 1912 and was first owned by Phoenix land baron, Dwight B. Heard. Later, it was run by Charles Stauffer and W. Wesley Knorpp. In 1946, it was purchased by Eugene C. Pulliam, a businessman who wanted to increase visibility in the state. In 1930, Stauffer and Knorpp changed the name of the paper to the Arizona Republic, but later purchased the Phoenix Evening Gazette and Arizona Weekly Gazette. These two papers eventually became the Arizona Business Gazette, and in 1956, the Arizona Republic was sold to Pulliam.

The Arizona Republic livechatvalue eEdition is an excellent way to access the newspaper. You can view the newspaper cover-to-cover, flip through the pages, read the stories, and view ads on the newspaper’s website. The eEdition contains exciting stories, award-winning journalism, and watchdog reporting. This newspaper is an excellent source of news and is updated daily with the print edition.


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