Do You Believe Your Auto Technicians and Fix Shops?

Do you trust your mechanics at your local auto repair shop? Are they certified and trustworthy? Do you trust your mechanic’s ability to diagnose and repair your car? Is the auto technician competent in all makes and models of cars? Are they committed to constant learning? These are the questions that should guide you when deciding which auto repair shop to take your vehicle to. Here are some tips to ensure your technician’s competence.

The most obvious sign that a shop is not honest is if the costs of your repair suddenly increase. Honest mechanics will explain if their work is too complicated for them to understand. But if you are charged for a repair that you’ve had done before, and the price of that repair has soared dramatically, it may be a sign of an erroneous mistake by the mechanic. Sometimes an honest mistake is made when it comes to the estimate, services, and final paperwork.

A trustworthy mechanic will tell you when your car needs routine maintenance. If your mechanic is performing routine maintenance, this is a red flag. While some mechanics will use your warranty as an excuse to keep your business, you shouldn’t fall for it. If the mechanic refuses to tell you that they’re doing something you didn’t order, it’s a good sign that you should stay away.

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