Karina Corbalan’s Last Instagram Post Shows Her in a Black Bikini

Corbalan has nine thousand followers on Instagram. She’s known for posting provocative pictures of herself, but doesn’t post any of her dead ex-boyfriend. Although she’s been arrested before for battery and resisting an officer using violence, she’s recently completed a pre-trial diversion program. Her last Instagram post shows her in a black bikini, which is shocking considering her previous arrest for a similar offense.

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While she was in nursing school, she continued to take pictures. She had a growing following on Instagram and became popular among clothing boutiques. One of her not-so-secret admirers was a man named Alex Sanchez. As a result, they began dating. A few months after their first meeting, Karina posted pictures of herself and her ex-boyfriend on Instagram. The two even began tweeting about each other almost daily.

During the shooting, Sanchez was shot multiple times in the chest and died from his injuries. Corbalan was arrested the day after the incident and has been charged with second-degree murder. According to the arrest report, a Ring surveillance camera captured the sequence of shots that killed Sanchez. Xiomara Antunez, the victim’s aunt, said she watched the entire shooting on her daughter’s surveillance video.

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Although the case surrounding the crime is still in its early stages, the aftermath has made it a major focus for the media. Karina Corbalan was a popular social media personality who had thousands of followers. Her pictures of herself in bikinis and other revealing outfits were shared by her followers. The police found her guilty and arrested her. She was transferred to the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center in Miami.

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