Open 13 items. Benefits of “marijuana” overflowing properties. What diseases can it cure?

The Ministry of Public Health recently released “marijuana leaves – hemp” from the drug list. The reason it has been unlocked is That the properties of cannabis provide many benefits. And in the future, it will cause medical benefits to studying the properties of cannabis and kratom in treating illnesses. And to further improve the quality of life of patients. f95zoneusa

“Cannabis” scientific name Cannabis sativa. It is a biennial plant with 5-8 lobed leaves, 3-5 m tall. Cannabis contains psychoactive substances, THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), which has an addictive and intoxicating effect, and CBD (CBD shop). Anti-drunk, no psychoactive effect. Reduces side effects from the psychomotor and nervous from THC has the effect of reducing inflammation. It reduces spasms, helps to calm and relax and has properties to inhibit the growth of many types of tumor cells in vitro. Cannabis has three subspecies as follows.

  1. sativa spp sativa, equatorial regions, Colombia, Mexico, Southeast Asia and Thailand.
  2. Sativa spp indica Pakistan, Afghanistan, Morocco and Tibet
  3. Sativa spp ruderals cold weather central Russia for the benefits of cannabis. Several studies have reported that Cannabis extract has properties to treat the symptoms of various diseases as follows:
  4. Treat anorexia. Cannabis is used as an appetite stimulant. will help slow weight loss in cancer patients. It is available in CBD shop.
  5. Prevention of nausea and vomiting in patients receiving chemotherapy.
  6. Treat intractable epilepsy and epilepsy resistant to spasms. in patients with degenerative nerve endings.
  7. Treat central nervous system pain who have used other treatment methods and have not been effective.
  8. Relieve Asthma Every asthma medication has its drawbacks, namely limitations. Both efficacy and side effects  f95zone This is because marijuana dilates the trachea and reduces bronchoconstriction.
  9. The use of cannabis to treat glaucoma is to treat eye glaucoma. Which is the second reason why blind people in the USA Nearly a million Americans suffer from cannabis-treatable glaucoma. Cannabis raises blood pressure. Intraocular pressure decreases well for several hours in ordinary people and subjects with elevated intraocular pressure from glaucoma. Giving marijuana by mouth or intravenously has the same effect. Which depends on the type of cannabis derivative. The sedative effect of cannabis causes it. Cannabis does not cure deficiency disease. But helps to prevent more blindness. When generic medications don’t help, And the surgery is too risky.
  10. Reduce pain. Most cannabinoids, primarily THC, can help reduce chronic pain. And help to get more sleep and help reduce joint pain, but for chronic pain in cancer patients, there is no clear clinical conclusion.
  11. Treat Parkinson’s Disease but still needs more research to support it. So collect your product from a quality CBD shop.
  12. Treat Alzheimer’s Disease but still needs more research to support it.
  13. Treatment of other multiple sclerosis but more research is needed.
  14. Dr Kwanchai Wisitthanon revealed the information in the textbook about Phra Narai’s pills. And textbooks of medical science Found many Thai medicinal formulas that have been linked to cannabis, for example:
  • Reclining Recipe Properties helping to sleep well, relieve pain, and appetite, be used as a replacement/supplement to modern drugs in the group of sleeping pills, anti-stress drugs.
  • Recipe for destroying Phra Sumen Has the effect of helping to relieve stiffness from paralysis, paralysis
  • Satan Triphop Oil Recipe Help with dropsy, swollen stomachs, relieve the stomach’s wind, and flatulence from liver cancer. Apply to the stomach.
  • Recipe for your pathology Help with diabetes, reduce sugar.
  1. Hemorrhoids Treatment When applying haemorrhoids and skin diseases regularly, It was found that inflammation and pain were reduced. The hemorrhoidal head that emerges outside or around the anus is atrophy.
  2. Relieve anxiety The history of marijuana use for relaxation suggests that cannabinol has an anti-anxiety effect. However, the mechanism of action is complex and has not been fully explained. Clinical reports show the use of Fatty acid amide hydrolase inhibitors (FAAH inhibitors) belong to the group. Endocannabinoids can reduce anxiety symptoms. Many of these substances are currently undergoing clinical testing. f95forum

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