Pawn Shop in Sydney and Scrap Gold Buyers

If you are thinking of selling your jewellery or gold, there are several places that offer you the service. Some of these locations are Mega Cash, Abe Mor, and Southern Cross Gold Buyers, and all of them specialize in different kinds of jewellery. If you are unsure about what you should sell, you can read online reviews to see how satisfied people are with the service provided. Also, remember that these places specialize in different kinds of items, so you can be assured of getting the most out of your sale.

Abe Mor

If you have scrap gold, you might be interested in selling it to Abe Mor. This pawn shop in Sydney has been around for over 30 years, and they are renowned for their high prices. They buy gold bullion both online and in person, and pay fair market value for gold bullion, coins, and bars. Abe Mor also accepts jewelry and scrap gold, so you don’t need to worry about transporting your items.

As a wholesaler, Abe Mor is unique in that it offers custom work and access to unusual diamonds that many other retailers do not. Many of their diamonds aren’t even listed on industry lists. Their experience and expertise means that they’re able to provide exceptional value to their customers. They can also make the perfect match between price and quality. While you may have to wait a while for your purchase, you can rest assured that your item will be in good hands when you choose to deal with Abe Mor masstamilan.

Southern Cross Gold Buyers

If you want to sell your unwanted jewelry and collect cash for gold, look no further than the premier Melbourne and Adelaide Scrap gold buyers, Southern Cross. Located at 55 Gawler Place, Adelaide 5000, Southern Cross is a family-owned and operated business with a reputation for unbeatable prices. This website offers more information about this scrap gold buyer, and you can contact them via phone or email to learn more about the services they provide.

When selling your scrap gold, weigh your items first and then sort them into karats. When weighing them, you can use a scale with an arrow to indicate exact grams. Alternatively, you can invest in a digital scale to make the calculation easier. Use the internet to keep up with current prices and updates. If you’re unsure about the price of a certain item, keep an eye on the daily news. You can check the price of gold online as well expotab.

Mega Cash

If you have old, unwanted, or unused items, consider selling them at a pawn shop. Mega Cash Pawn Shop in Sydney and Scrap gold buyers are licensed pawn brokers that will evaluate your items and provide you with a loan within minutes. In addition, Mega Cash stores your collateral, which could be anything from electronic items to musical instruments and gadgets. They specialize in providing short-term loans and buying quality second-hand goods.

The pawn shop’s staff members are trained to evaluate your items, and will also provide you with a free quote for the value of your items. They are experts in assessing your items and will pay you the most cash for them. It’s that simple! The process of getting cash for your scrap gold is fast and easy, and you can get a fair price in just a few minutes.

Abe Mor specializes in diamonds

If you are thinking about selling your old jewelry, you might be wondering how to go about finding a buyer who specializes in diamonds. There are many places that purchase diamonds, but it can be confusing and risky to sell your own pieces. A good place to start is a pawn shop in Sydney, Australia. You can find a variety of jewelry there, including diamonds, gold necklaces, and Rolexes.

A pawn shop in Sydney and scrap gold buyer that specializes in diamonds will make use of an international guideline known as the 4 C’s to determine the value of your precious stones. These four C’s are important when selling your precious metals, because it is vital to have an independent appraisal from a trusted laboratory. Diamonds do not have an objective melt value, so a buyer will offer you less than 50% of the spot gold price.

Abe Mor offers higher prices for gold

One Sydney-area pawn shop is Abe Mor. It is a true insider in the industry, which is why they offer higher prices for gold and diamonds than other shops. Their website does not fully list their inventory, so you can’t place an order online. Instead, you need to speak to an actual person to make your purchase. Because of this, Abe Mor offers personalized service. Their staff will work with you to find the perfect diamond and build a stunning setting. You should also know that they limit the number of clients they can work with at one time.


One of the unique features of Abe Mor is its incredible selection of diamonds. Not all diamonds can be found on other lists, so you’ll have to take your time to search through their inventory. You’ll find some very rare diamonds that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. In addition, because of their unique position as a wholesaler, Abe Mor has access to a vast selection of diamonds. In fact, most of these diamonds are not even listed on any industry lists, which makes Abe Mor a rare find.

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