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The Value of Workspaces

In this article, we’ll discuss the value of workspaces. First, we’ll discuss how a workplace affects productivity. Workspaces have the power to motivate employees to do their best work. For instance, in one company, 60% of the employees wore badges to keep track of their sales. The company was able to calculate the amount of time and money they saved by allowing their employees to sit in an area that facilitated their best work. Afterward, they were able to calculate the value of their workspaces.

The right workplace design can boost employee loyalty and turn employees into brand advocates. Retaining staff is vital to the productivity of a business. Studies have shown that a happy employee is 31% more productive than one who is not satisfied. Furthermore, an attractive workspace can help your company’s bottom line by decreasing employee turnover. It costs PS12,000 to replace an employee, and it’s better to keep people satisfied than to get rid of them.

The right workspace can increase motivation and satisfy our deeper needs. A fun boss can make a difference. An inspiring vision and clear boundaries are also good motivations. A clear vision reflects our personal goals and why we want to be there. By providing freedom and boundaries, our employees can feel motivated to do their best work. If this is true, our employees will be more efficient and happier. If you’re not clear about your vision, you can’t create an environment that inspires them.

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