What is Bachelor of Public Health?

Depending on the program, the bachelor’s degree in public health may take anywhere from four to six years to complete. However, it is possible to hasten the degree process by completing maximum course loads each term and enrolling in optional summer, winter, or summer sessions. A bachelor’s in public health can also be earned in one to two years through an accelerated or completionist degree program. To accelerate your degree, you must have some relevant work experience or completionist coursework before enrolling in a public health program.

As a public health major, you can expect to take several courses in biology, statistics, and possibly calculus. You’ll also be required to complete a capstone project that will summarize all the information that you learned throughout the program and present it to future employers as part of your portfolio. Generally, however, you will also take some general education courses in order to get a broad view of public health. These classes will help you develop critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration.

The Bachelor of Public Health program prepares graduates for a variety of public health careers. Public health professionals work to protect the health of a population by developing and implementing policies to improve and preserve their community’s overall well-being. They may also promote healthy living and engage in research to prevent and control the spread of disease. In addition, they may even pursue advocacy and health education. If you’d like to become a public health specialist, this degree is the perfect path for you!

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